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Participating in World Affairs Council activities as a student club is a great way to build global competence so needed as the world becomes more interdependent. Club members who engage in foreign affairs related programs most easily recognize the relationship between local issues and events to what’s happening worldwide.  It also raises awareness of the interconnections of our daily lives to the economic, cultural, political issues that may be taking place on the other side of the globe.

World Affairs Council is the premier forum in the Inland Empire for discussion of national and international subjects. Nonpartisan and not-for-profit, the Council is an educational organization that presents multiple perspectives on complicated issues. The Council does not take positions on issues, but encourages public discussion of many points of view. The Council provides a platform for leaders and experts in diplomacy, news, media, business, international trade, the military, arts and culture.

There are other advantages to becoming affiliated with the World Affairs Council of Inland Southern California (WACISC). Our website has a special place on the homepage to feature and advertise our partner university programs to which off campus community is invited. We often have programs where students may attend the speaker portion for free. University affiliated club officers receive notification at the same time as World Affairs Council of Inland Southern California members so they may more effectively take advantage of that option. As our World Affairs Council grows there will be need to have student interns and the first option for these positions will be from local affiliated universities and clubs because they will be more apt to understand the World Affairs Council culture.   

A signature program of World Affairs Councils across the U.S. is Great Decisions. This is a non-partisan foreign affairs policy discussion activity that provides background briefings on eight topics each year written by experts. WACISC will provide affiliate university World Affairs Council Clubs with the needed materials and overview training on how to conduct a discussion group that involves club members as discussion leaders.

Benefits of Affiliating with World Affairs Council of Inland Southern California

Become more globally competent.
Learn about off campus international events in a timely manner.
Meet and network with like-minded members of the community.

Attend WACISC speaker programs at no cost.
Announce a local campus event to a broader internationally focused audience.

Receive materials and training for a student-led WAC Club discussion group.

University World Affairs Council Club Affiliation Papers World_Affairs_Council_Club_affiliation.docx

Find out more: Call Margaret Hill, 909-537-5648 or email worldaffairsCSUSB@gmail.com

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